Sanya Hanwei Ocean Club


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Sanya Hanwei Ocean Club

Hanwei Ocean Club is a sophisticated and all-encompassing club committed to promoting marine living, maritime sports, and ocean conservation. With a core focus on disseminating maritime culture and advocating the oceanic lifestyle, we also provide a platform for health retreats and business exchanges. Our aim is to enable members not only to revel in the pleasures of the ocean but also to attain physical and mental satisfaction and elevation.

Brand Philosophy: “Making a Healthy Marine Lifestyle a Trend”

Hanwei Ocean Club consistently upholds this philosophy by organizing various maritime sports activities, health and wellness therapies, cultural salons, themed parties, and more. Through these initiatives, we aim to expose more individuals to the charm of marine living. We believe that the ocean is not just a lifestyle but also an attitude, capable of bringing health, happiness, and limitless possibilities to people.

Professional Technical Team, Providing Premier Service Quality

Hanwei Ocean Club boasts a professional technical team, including seasoned captains, sailors, coaches, and more. They possess not only extensive maritime experience and professional skills but also a profound love and reverence for the ocean. Our team is dedicated to delivering safe, professional, and attentive services to every member, ensuring that you not only enjoy the pleasures of the ocean but also receive comprehensive assurance.

Our health and wellness services feature visits from top Chinese medical experts and professor-level doctors specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine. During your journey, you can not only experience joy but also delve into the unique theoretical system and therapeutic methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has a history spanning thousands of years, promoting disease elimination and enhancing overall health.


Diversified Service Offerings to Fulfill Members’ Comprehensive Needs:

  1. Nautical Sports: We provide various types of boat rentals, including sailboats and yachts, along with professional maritime training courses. Under the guidance of experts, you can fully indulge in the joy of sailing.
  2. Health Retreat: Leveraging the natural advantages of the ocean and Chinese traditional medicine culture, we offer a range of health retreat services, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostics, therapy, herbal prescriptions, seawater baths, SPA, yoga, and more. These services help you relax both physically and mentally, promote wellness, and restore vitality.
  3. Cultural Dissemination: Through organizing cultural salons, themed lectures, and other events, we enable you to delve into the history, current status, and future of maritime culture, enhancing your awareness of the ocean.
  4. Lifestyle Transmission: We advocate for a healthy, environmentally friendly, and fashionable ocean lifestyle. Through regularly hosting activities like sunbathing, beach parties, outdoor camping, etc., we ensure you fully experience the unique charm of ocean living.
  5. Business Communication: Our business communication platform provides a unique social venue for you to connect with professionals from various industries, expand your network, and foster collaboration.
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