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FORTUNE EXHIBITIONS CO,.LTD is mainly engaged in outbound exhibition business, the company specializes in organizing domestic enterprises to participate in international exhibitions abroad. As a new type of outbound exhibition service organization, FORTUNE EXHIBITIONS is committed to combining Internet technology with traditional outbound exhibition services to provide exhibitors with the most professional, delicate and intimate outbound exhibition services. Based on the development of local industries and the demand of exhibitors’ business market expansion, FORTUNE EXHIBITIONS develops and researches new industry exhibitions with market potential. Meanwhile, with the internationalization of outbound exhibitions and the increasingly diversified needs of exhibitors, personalized exhibitions are becoming the guide of outbound exhibition services. With the deep insight into exhibitors’ needs and the ultimate pursuit of service quality, FORTUNE EXHIBITIONS pursues continuous development in demand segmentation, exhibition resources, personalized services, etc., and establishes a team with ideals, passions, unity, and hard work to serve the enterprises to develop the international market in a down-to-earth manner.

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