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Fenjiu, produced in Xinghua villages and towns in Shanxi Province, is the ancestor of Chinese Baijiu and a typical representative of light flavor Baijiu. It is famous for its production technology of low-temperature fermentation in vats. Its brewing history can be traced back to the period of Yangzhao culture more than 6000 years ago. 1500 years ago during the Northern and Southern Dynasties, Fenjiu was highly praised by Emperor Wucheng of Northern Qi and became a royal wine, which was recorded in the Book of Northern Qi; The famous Tang Dynasty poet Du Mu praised Xinghua Village in his poem “Qingming”: “During the Qingming Festival, rain falls heavily, and pedestrians on the road want to lose their souls. May I ask where the tavern is? The shepherd boy points to Xinghua Village from afar.”; In 1915, Fenjiu won the first-class gold medal at the Panama International Exposition held in San Francisco, USA, becoming the pride of Chinese national brands; In 1949, the People’s Republic of China was established, and Fenjiu was selected as the liquor for the founding banquet; At the first National Liquor Evaluation Conference in 1952, Fenjiu was honored with the “Four Famous Liquors”. Fenjiu is “the soul of Chinese liquor – the source of national liquor, the ancestor of fragrance, and the root of culture”. Fenjiu people, adhering to the craftsman spirit of “brewing with heart and being honest with the world”, provide the world with the best Chinese Baijiu.

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