Dezhen Lanqi’er


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Dezhen Lanqi’er

The brand “Dezhen Lanqi’er” founded by Ms. Fan Dezhen is a model of new Chinese style clothing, perfectly integrating the classic aesthetics of traditional Chinese clothing with modern design. Since entering the fashion industry at the age of sixteen, Ms. Fan Dezhen has studied under Qipao master Chu Hongsheng. She is not only an inheritor of China’s intangible heritage of ancient handmade Qipao, but also a pioneer in combining innovation and tradition. Her design philosophy focuses on the harmonious integration of classical and modern elements, making “Dezhen Lanqi’er” a symbol of fashion and culture. Teacher Fan’s work, with both the elegance of traditional cheongsam and the integration of modern fashion elements, is deeply loved by the younger generation. Her influence spans CCTV Spring Festival Gala and major drama productions, and her design is not just about clothing, but also the inheritance and innovation of Chinese culture. In the context of global cultural diversity, “Dezhen Blue Cheer” is not only favored domestically, but also wins praise internationally, showing an open and confident image of China. This brand not only represents the combination of traditional Chinese culture and modern fashion, but also indicates a new wave of Chinese culture in the global fashion industry.

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