Lijiang Xingze Xianhai Hotel


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Lijiang Xingze Xianhai Hotel

Lijiang Xingze Xianhai Hotel
The Xingze Xianhai Hotel opened in June 2023 and is located in the core area of the Shuhe Ancient Town in Lijiang, Yunnan, on the southwestern border of China. The decoration adopts the new Chinese ethnic style, and there are currently 2 villas and 36 guest rooms. The ancient Naxi architecture and picturesque tea horse path at the foot of the Yulong Snow Mountain surround the surroundings, making it an ideal choice for local tourism, leisure, and vacation in Lijiang.
The main building of Xingze Xianhai Hotel was first built in the Qing Dynasty, and the intangible cultural heritage heritage heritage has been relocated here as a whole. The later renovation incorporates the layout of classical Suzhou gardens, which is elegant and elegant, with white walls and green tiles, wooden grilles and flower windows, changing the scenery step by step, and creating a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. Strolling through the garden, one can not only feel the profound sense of history, but also appreciate the secluded atmosphere of winding houses and deep households, surrounded by pine and moss.
The opening renovation is exquisitely decorated, integrating traditional elements of the Naxi ethnic group with modern design, creating a unique atmosphere. The guest rooms are spacious, bright, and fully functional, equipped with five-star hotel facilities and bedding. They offer self-service breakfast, providing guests with a comprehensive range of services such as relaxation, leisure, accommodation, and dining, making them feel at home.

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